We always aim to get your site up to the top of Google’s results as quickly (and as safely) as possible, and have so far always managed to achieve this for our clients within 3 months. However, the exact keyword or keyphrase you wish us to promote will have an enormous influence over how long it will take your website to progress up the search engine rankings. For instance, a single highly competitive word such as ‘photography’ would take far longer than a keyphrase such as ‘knobbly knee contests’. Also, the age of your website is highly influential. A brand new site can in theory take up to 8 months to get toward the top of the rankings, while a more established website can get into Google’s top page results within only 3 months.

The competition at the top of the search engine results is always very fierce, so in order to keep your website ahead of the pack, any SEO campaign has to be continually worked on each and every month to maintain your website’s position.

A company’s SEO marketing plan is very important for SEO marketing agency. The SEO strategy not only helps a company to bring in more visitors but it also acts as a portal to make them buy products of a company.

In the recent years, the demand of SEO strategists has raised a lot. Because of this rise in demand, many fake SEO strategists have also started their business of fake SEO optimization. However, there is a big difference in the SEO strategy provided by professional SEO optimizers and fake SEO optimizers.

Our SEO marketers first enlist your website in all web directory listings. They then optimize your website through Search engine onsite optimization techniques and use off-site SEO optimization techniques to boost SEO rankings of your company website on search engines.

  1. Enlisting website in foremost Directory Listings
  2. On-site website Optimization according to webmaster tools
  3. Off-site Optimization of website as per Google Penguin update

4. Secondary methods to boost SEO ranking of company website on search engine.